Sunday, May 17, 2009


It's been awhile since I've posted here. Actually, it's been awhile since I've done any cake decorating at all. Unfortunately I had to cancel 3 orders last month due to unexpectedly being put on bedrest during my 8th month of pregnancy. So it's good to be back!

Though I was still technically "bedresting," I was able to put together these cupcakes for my friend Mandi's son's 3rd birthday, with some much-needed assistance from my grandmother! She and my grandpa stayed with me for 2 weeks, helping with cooking, cleaning, and taking care of my daughter. She agreed to help me with this order, and graciously did all of the baking for me, so I could just sit at the kitchen table and decorate...which is my favorite part anyway!

This guy gives new meaning to the name "chocolate" lab, no? :)

The sheepdogs were my personal favorites. I love that you can't even see their eyes!

And the Schnauzers were my second favorite. I had some trouble with my frosting color...tried to color it gray, but as it sat overnight it turned kind of lavendar/purplish. It reminded me of little old ladies with blue-tinted hair. Now I can kind of relate.

Most of the puppies were fashioned using the instruction of Hello, Cupcake! again, with the exception of 2 "special" puppies that I attempted to fashion after the birthday boy's own dog, Zelda: I wasn't super happy with how these ones in particular turned out, but word has it the kids didn't mind them looking a little bit homemade.

And FYI, if you're ever planning a puppy-themed party, Scooby snacks make for great extra decorations!

Bonus extra credit: look closely at the photographs above, and see if you can find the "special" touch that my ornery husband added to one of the cupcakes. He thought it was hilarious....and apparently so did the little boys at the birthday party.

All photos courtesy of Mandi Morgan Photography. Thank you for making my work look so good!